BODYGUARD™ protective dog repellent spray 20g

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When faced with an angry dog, you want to have the BEST protection available.
Our BODYGUARD™ dog spray is formulated for use against a canine attack and is easy to use and lightweight to carry. Protect your loved ones, pets, and yourself. Canada legal dog repellent.

  • Strongest Formulation permitted in Canada
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Lethal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 20g, Super Slim container

What is the Purpose of Dog Spray?


DOG SPRAY, also known as DOG REPELLENT, is a spray used to deter a dog in an undesirable situation. Many products on the market are labelled as dog repellent and have very different uses.

BODYGUARD™ Dog Repellent is a pepper based formula which temporarily impairs an aggressive dog from attacking humans and their pets.

How does it work? 

Dog repellent contains capsaicin (the active ingredient of pepper) and causes immediate irritation and burning of the eyes, nose, airways and skin after contact occurs.

* For use in an aggressive encounter with a dogs, or other animals*

Additional information

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