Game On!!! Gryphon Energetics Thundershot 1lb Target 3 Cases – 36 x 1lb targets


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Game On Outdoors Canadian made Gryphon thundershot explosive is the best bang for your buck!

12 targets per box, 3 boxes per order.

Backorders take 3 to 5 business days to get to our warehouse, then 3 to 5 business days to get to our customers. Please allow 10 business days for shipping.

Max of 44 lbs per order, to comply with Canadian law. Please do not order more in one shipment.
Ships via Canpar to your door, no PO boxes please.


  1. Remove lid
  2. Open sensitizer packet and empty into container
  3. Close lid tightly
  4. Gently shake and roll container until sensitizer is evenly distributed and entire contents are a uniform gray color.
  5. Place in safe area, retreat 100 meters and fire at target.

Ensure the components are thoroughly mixed or incomplete detonation or a misfire may occur. See the photos below for examples of improperly mixed and correctly mixed targets.




  • DO use eye and ear protection at all times
  • DO place target upright on flat surface free of debris and flammable material
  • DO observe all laws and use responsibly
  • Target sensitive to high power centerfire cartridges only (minimum 2,000 FPS, recommended minimum caliber – 7.62x39mm or equivalent)
  • DO NOT fire at target closer than 100 meters
  • DO NOT place product inside any object. shrapnel may cause serious injury or death
  • DO NOT group multiple targets together or incomplete detonation may occur
  • DO NOT transfer contents into any other container
  • DO NOT use in areas under a fire ban
  • DO NOT use with components from any other materials or products


Q: What calibers can I use with Thundershot?
A: The following calibers have been successfully used with our targets:

  • .223 remington
  • .308 winchester
  • 7.62x39mm

Larger, faster bullets increase reliability. We recommend the use of new ammunition along with a magnified optic.

Q: Can I use a Rimfire Caliber with Thundershot?
A: The .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum are insufficient to detonate the target. The .17 HMR works in limited circumstances at reduced ranges (at the user’s own risk and responsibility).

Q: Can I use a shotgun, handgun, or pistol caliber rifle with Thundershot?
A: No. Shotguns, handguns, and pistol caliber rifles typically do not have sufficient velocity and energy to detonate the target.

Q: At what range can I use these targets?
A: The recommended minimum safe distance for a 454g (1 pound) target is 100 meters. Targets can be placed further but you must keep in mind the velocity of your bullet at range, and not exceed a distance where the bullet will drop below 2,000 fps. Doing so may result in a partial detonation or a misfire.

Be aware that the further the target, the more difficult it is to hit. Stay within the limits of your rifle and shooting ability to ensure a solid hit.

Q: How should I store my targets?
A: Targets should be stored in a cool dry place, separate from a dwelling, inside a storage unit. Click here for more information on how to store your targets legally and safely.

Q: I had a partial detonation. What caused this?
A: There are three potential causes – insufficient mixing of the components, insufficient bullet velocity, or a grazing hit. Ensure your target is thoroughly mixed, your bullet is traveling at a sufficient speed when it strikes, and that you are shooting within the limits of your rifle, abilities, and environmental conditions such as wind, to strike the target as dead center as possible.

When shooting at longer ranges and grazing hits are more likely to occur, wrap the target with strong tape. This will keep the target intact in the event a grazing shot cracks the container. Use transparent tape only so as not to obscure safety information on the labels.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 16 in


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