Gryphon Energetics Thundershot Rimfire Binary Exploding Targets 2 cases – 36 x 1/2lb targets


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Gryphon Energetics Thundershot Rimfire Binary Exploding Targets

Max of 44 lbs per order, to comply with Canadian law. Please do not order more in one shipment.
Ships via Canpar to your door, no PO boxes please.

Backorders typically take 3 to 5 days to get to our warehouse, then 3 to 5 business days Canada wide from there. Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery after order.

Half the size, double the punch. Packing nearly as much explosive force as a 1 lb. Centerfire target, THUNDERSHOT® Rimfire is ultra-versatile being sensitive to .22 cartridges, handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and any rifle caliber. At the same time THUNDERSHOT® Rimfire can be safely handled without anti-static packaging and is also drop safe. For the ultimate challenge, try THUNDERSHOT® Rimfire at 1,000 meters and beyond with your precision rifle.

THUNDERSHOT® Rimfire is our latest and most versatile product to date. Specially developed with a more reactive formula, Rimfire targets can detonate with almost every cartridge on the market, including many shotgun rounds.

Feel the Difference
The primary feature of all THUNDERSHOT® targets, and what has made it the number-one selling exploding target in Canada. A half pound of our specially engineered Rimfire formula is nearly as powerful as a full pound of our Centerfire formula.
Stand Out in the Crowd
Only THUNDERSHOT® targets come with multiple high visibility colours to contrast your backdrop. The colour can be changed simply by rotating the target a quarter-turn, accommodating target differentiation drills and multiple shooters. Our laminated label is UV and weather resistant for unmatched versatility in all conditions.
Keeps the Mess off Your Firearm
Spend less time preparing and more time shooting! Each THUNDERSHOT® target includes its own bag of sensitizer and is designed to mix quickly and efficiently in its own container, reducing waste and setup time.
Never Miss a Shot
THUNDERSHOT® targets are reliable. With their square bottles, every bullet connects with three inches of explosive, unlike round containers that lose explosive depth and reliability the closer to the edge the bullet strikes.



  1. Remove lid
  2. Open sensitizer packet and empty into container
  3. Close lid tightly
  4. Gently shake and roll container until sensitizer is evenly distributed and entire contents are a uniform color.
  5. Place in safe area, retreat 100 meters and fire at target.

Ensure the components are thoroughly mixed or incomplete detonation or a misfire may occur. See the photos below for examples of improperly mixed and correctly mixed targets.


  • DO use eye and ear protection at all times
  • DO place target upright on flat surface free of debris and flammable material
  • DO observe all laws and use responsibly
  • DO NOT fire at target closer than 100 meters
  • DO NOT place product inside any object. shrapnel may cause serious injury or death
  • DO NOT group multiple targets together or incomplete detonation may occur
  • DO NOT transfer contents into any other container
  • DO NOT use in areas under a fire ban
  • DO NOT use with components from any other materials or products

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 16 in


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