Hike N Strike 950,000 volt stun hiking stick


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Hiking and Walking Just Got Safer

Featuring ZAP’S Exclusive “EXTREME” Spike Electrodes

  • Great for camping, hiking or just walking
  • Secure, rubber coated, non-slip molded grip
  • Weight 18 oz. with batteries
  • Includes 3 lithium CR123A batteries, wrist strap, extra end cap and removable reflective band
  • A “Must Have” for your outdoor gear collection

Triple Protection: a 950,000 Volt stun gun, a striking weapon with spike electrodes and an ultra bright LED flashlight!

Closed Length is 29″, Extends to 56″


Canada legal stun baton as it is over 480mm in length.
Prohibition order part 3 section 6:
6 Any device that is designed to be capable of injuring, immobilizing or incapacitating a person or an animal by discharging an electrical charge produced by means of the amplification or accumulation of the electrical current generated by a battery, where the device is designed or altered so that the electrical charge may be discharged when the device is of a length of less than 480 mm, and any similar device.

The criminal code prohibition order:

The legality of these as described by a Canadian criminal defense lawyer:

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 4 in


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